How to Get a Local Truck Driving Job with No Experience: A Complete Guide

How to Get a Local Truck Driving Job with No Experience: A Complete Guide

Do you aspire to be a truck driver but have little or no experience? Well, you have come to the right place. In this piece of content, we will provide you with all the necessary details about truck driving and how to land a job in this field even without experience.

When you get your fresh DL, you are completely new to the field and have no clue how to go about the entire process. To make things worse, you will often come across employers who will not accept you just with a license. 

They need you to have a legitimate driving experience. But how will you get it? There are many solutions to this issue, and some of these are provided below. Scroll down to learn how to get a local truck driving job with no experience.

How to Get a Local Truck Driving Job with No Experience: A Complete Guide

Is it hard to get a trucking job?

To begin with, you might be overwhelmed about bagging a job in the trucking business. There are too many employees but too few jobs. You require to be good at your job, only then would someone trust you with their goods and trucks. 

However, landing a trucking job is that difficult as it sounds. There are certain key factors that you should focus on. 


For a job like trucking, you need to have a license, confidence, and experience. Once you have the license, you will now need either experience, confidence, or both. The key here is to convince your future employer how confident you are about your driving and the job.

So what, if you don’t have experience on paper, show them your experience through your words. You can come with several instances where you have driven and all the incidents that have taken place. 

Other driving experiences

It would be great if you could share your other driving experiences. This means you could share some instances where you were not necessarily driving a truck but a car. This would ensure the employer that even if you have not driven a truck, you know how to drive a four-wheeler.

However, as the size of a truck and a car are very different, try to add how prepared you are to learn if you get the job. The employer should be able to see the dedication you have for your job.

More the merrier

When it comes to applying for a job, be it for any job, you would have to apply to a plethora of companies to increase your chances. The more companies you apply to, the more chances of your getting noticed would become.

Fill up several forms and go for openings wherever you find them. Through this, you would also learn more things about the truck driving job and the areas where you can improve.

If you keep these three points in mind, the probability of you getting a trucking job will increase significantly. No matter how scarce the jobs in this field be, you would end up at a good place. 

What is the best trucking company to start out with? 

It is important to note that the companies that you choose to work with will have a great impact in shaping up your career. Therefore, it is very important to go for options that will give you a big boost, even in the initial days of your career. 

When applying for a trucking job, try going for companies that have made it big in their sector and are quite popular for the right reasons. Working for popular companies will not only improve your truck driving skills but will also teach you a thing or two about business.

Due to this, when you will looking for a new job sometime down the line, you will perform much better. Another important advantage of going for big companies is that they hire in bulk. This not only eases out their selection process but improves your chances too.  

List out the big names

The best way to do this is by listing down all the big trucking companies that you have ever come across. The list should be elaborate and should contain plenty of options. Once done, start applying to them one by one. At least a few out of the lot would have a vacancy and would consider you. 


The names you choose to finally apply for should have the requirements that almost match you. These companies should also have contracts or employment duties that you could live up to. Since you would be applying to a big company, you should know how particular they are about their public image.

Therefore, going for a company where you could be proved an asset would give your career a jumpstart.

How do I become a local truck driver?

You may think that a degree of some kind would be necessary for trucking employers to take you in. As many truck drivers have a college degree, the competition does increase. However, if you have good control over your skills, you can get in even with just a high school certificate. 

If you have worked somewhere other than being a truck driver, even that will be taken as an added benefit on your resume. This would count as work experience and would help you perform your tasks more professionally. 

Apart from these factors, there are certain requirements that you should fulfill to become a local truck driver.

Age should be 21 years or older

This may come as obvious, but many aspiring drivers forget to consider their age before applying. Irrespective of the kind of vehicle you want to drive, especially for commercial reasons, you ought to be at least 21 years old. 

You could get a legal license even when you are just 18 years old. However, to be eligible to drive trucks out of the state, you have to be 21 years old or older. Otherwise, truck drivers aged below this are only allowed to take trucks within the state borders. 

Commercial Driver License

For driving a truck, you cannot use the regular motor license that you keep for cars or bikes. Here, you have to apply for a commercial driver’s license. Once you pass the important tests, you will drive around a truck if the other requirements are fulfilled. 

Clean record

Some employees may consider you even without prior experience. As they would have provision to get you the required training, you will get in. However, hardly any employee would accept a driving record with some issues.

As trucks work for commercial purposes, cops have a strong eye on them. And if a truck driver with an improper driving record is caught, the owner of the company is put behind bars or is required to pay a hefty amount. 

Therefore, displaying a clean driving record is important. Moreover, a record that is free from any other issues is preferable. 

How to Get a Local Truck Driving Job with No Experience: A Complete Guide

To Sum It Up

Bagging a local truck driving job is not as difficult as it may sound. If you pass the requirements that are mentioned above, you will get a good job even without any official experience or training.   

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